Summer Institutes

Quite simply the most comprehensive teacher training program for world language ever developed. On hiatus in 2022 due to the continuing impacts of COVID-19.

Stay tuned for alternative professional development opportunities from the World Language Proficiency Project for summer 2022...

What people are saying

The conference [had] some of the best trainings that I have ever received. I put to practice some of the techniques learned today, only some because I learned hundreds! Today was an incredible day, and the rest of the year will be awesome!

Katie O.

Your weeklong summer institute was so inspiring that I completely converted to using the cycles in Stepping Stones, and I’ve felt a true direction and enthusiasm about my teaching that I’ve lacked thus far. Tina, you’re amazing! I feel lucky to have stumbled into your awesomeness and I’ll never look back. 🤗

Holly G.

The Summer Institutes helped my colleague and I to create a plan for full implementation of CI and to move from the traditional dept to walk alongside our PBL colleagues. It’s been an amazing change for us and for our students. I have seen student confidence increase to almost 100%...

Nancy T.